Belize, Central America  
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Things to Do in Corozal, Belize

The Copper Bank Inn is located just 9 miles from the airport in Corozal, 20 Minutes from the Chetumal, Mexico border, and two hours to the Belize City airport.

Located in the northeast corner of Belize, the Copper Bank Inn is within walking distance to the Cerros Ruins and a day trip to the multiple ruin sites of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico.

Area Attractions

The Cerros Ruins in the Corozal District of Belize

Cerros Ruins

The Cerros Ruins are located in the Corozal District of Belize on a peninsula across from Corozal, in the Bay of Chetumal, and just a very short distance up the road from our hotel in Corozal Belize. During the Pre-Classic Period (100B.C- 250A.D), Cerros was important as a coastal trading center. During this time, Cerros expressed new forms of art and architecture that proved to be crucial for the formation of classic Maya art and architecture.

Chetumal, Mexico - Photo by Adam Jones

Chetumal, Mexico

Chetumal is a short trip across the border into Mexico, where you can explore its many shops, restaurants, museums, and cultural history.
Lamanai Ruins in Belize - Photo by Darcy McCarty

Lamanai Ruins

From Lama'anayin, "submerged crocodile". Lamanai is a Mesoamerican archeological site, and was once a considerably sized city of the Maya Civilization located in the northern Orange Walk District of Belize. The site's name is pre-Columbian, recorded by early Spanish missionaries, and documented over a millennium earlier in Maya inscriptions as Lam'an'ain.
Mennonites in Little Belize

Little Belize

Located in the Corozal District of Belize, Little Belize is home to a large Mennonite Community. The Mennonites are originally of Germanic decent. They are proficient farmers, furniture makers, and contribute much to Belize’s economy.

Outdoor Recreation

Birds in Belize

Wildlife & Bird Watching

Belize is known mainly for its Mayan ruins and archaeological sites, but only few people know that it is also a birds’ paradise. Over 600 species of birds have been found in Belize, each having different and distinctive attributes. Belize is a wonderful destination for ardent bird watchers.
Snorkeling in Belize


Ambergris Caye is a terrific place for snorkeling.  It's a 36-mile-long island off the coast of Northern Belize which was built by Mayans. Today, the island provides easy access to the barrier reef to thousands of snorkelers and divers.

Sport Fishing in Belize

Sport Fishing

The waters of Corozal Bay provide an environment that allows fish to thrive. Away from the bustle of mainstream tourism, discover this Angler Oasis and catch Tarpon, Bonefish, Snappers, Barracuda and many more. The Copper Bank Inn provides close access to the water, so grab your fishing pole and experience Belize fishing at its finest.
Paddle Boarding in Belize

Kayaking & Paddleboarding

The Copper Bank Inn provides ready access to the gentle waters of Corozal Bay, perfect for Kayaking and Paddle Boarding. Glide out across the blue waters in any direction you choose, whether standing or sitting upon the unfurling waves. The unstructured nature of the sport is invigorating and we invite you to make it just one more part of your Belize experience.